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  • 28 Weeks Tomorrow

    A Guest Post by my Partner, Kirsty:

    This pregnancy has been a blurry sort of daze for me so far – I’m endlessly excited but it’s not the kind of excitement I feel that I can focus just yet. We’ve been moving furniture around, buying baby clothes and gear, knitting tiny little clothes, talking about birth plans and little boy names and it’s only just now, with very likely less than 12 weeks to go, that it’s starting to really hit me that all of this is for something other than just a vague sort of fun.

    Someone is literally going to hand us two babies and we are just going to take them home when they are fit to go and then nothing will ever be the same again.

    I’ve started having very vivid dreams about these boys; about feeling their weight in my arms and kissing their heads, about feeling how soft they are and playing with their little fingers and toes. We aren’t just collecting baby clothes to look at or putting up cots for the cats to sleep in; these are for real little people! It’s a strange period of adjustment, and my favourite so far. My excitement levels are really ramping up as my brain is slowly starting to come to terms with the idea that yes: this is happening, these babies are going to be real and tangible and not imaginary, and it’s okay to want to run through the park screaming about it so the whole world can hear.




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