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  • A Tiny Dose of Love with Comfort Pure

    We are on the cusp of welcoming our little girls to the world and more and more, I’ve been thinking about those newborn days – what they will be like, what they were like last time.  I have been looking at photographs of the boys from when they were small and they seem so impossibly tiny, these two little people whom we could hold in just one arm.

    I keep wondering what these two will be like, whether they will have hair or be bald, whether they will share my and Balthazar’s hazel eyes or Lysander’s blue.  Whether they will wear ‘tiny’ baby clothes or go straight into newborn.  Last time we had special first outfits chosen for them, and I lay back in the hospital bed and watched Kirsty dress them for the first time.  They looked like dolls, except that their limbs were moving and they made these snuffling, squeaky little noises.  I couldn’t quite believe that they were ours.

    We are in the final few weeks of this pregnancy and whilst I am looking forward to delivering these little girls in warmer weather and feeling their soft baby skin against mine, I’m also looking forward to pulling out some special first outfits and dressing them for the first time.  We have saved some of our favourites of the boys’ little clothes for them to share, although a lot has been passed across to a friend of ours, and I’m looking forward to seeing those outfits again.  That said, I also want them to have special things of their own – to wear their own brand new tiny things for the first time, to have outfits that in a year’s time we can snuggle and remind ourselves that once they were so small.

    I don’t think that the birth will feel imminent until Kirsty has gone through the drawers and washed the little clothes in preparation of their arrival.  There is something about a drawer-full of little outfits lovingly prepped and folded that makes me want to get them out and hold them close to me, to inhale them and to imagine a future where they are filled with a small, soft, warm bundle.

    Comfort, the UK’s number 1 fabric conditioner for sensitive skin, has just released their new Comfort Pure Ultra-Concentrated, designed especially for delicate skin.  It has a low level of perfume and no added dye, making it perfect for softening little baby clothes and freshening them up for their first wear.  They’ve sent us a sample and we are looking forward to freshening up the girls’ clothes once the collection is complete.

    I thought it might be nice to revisit some pictures of the boys in our favourite little clothes.  How small and snuggly were they?

    DSC_0695 DSC_2735


    DSC_4294 DSC_2926 DSC_2381

    *Disclaimer: Comfort have sponsored this post.  All adorable babies in tiny clothes are our own.


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