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  • Accessorising with La Coqueta Kids

    Sixteen months old, and these two are delightful chatterbox magpies.  Every weekend they surprise me with something new; between last weekend and this one, Emmy has learnt to say cuddle, night-night, nana, mummy and baby.  Olympia communicates in a symbiotic way; it’s suddenly possible to hold a little conversation with her about her toys, her movements, her wellbeing.  When we walk around the supermarket, she holds my hand.

    When my sons were the same age, I was five months pregnant with these little ladies.  In retrospect that seems so strange to me; we still think of these girls as our babies and whilst we are definitely thinking of beginning to embark on the process for another, I can’t imagine being halfway along with one right now.  Crazy.  Embla especially feels like she still is a baby; they are definitely not ready for a small brother or sister yet!  This time next year, though…

    La Coqueta Kids sent the girls these beautiful merino bonnets in exchange for a feature on the blog.  I feel like we’re finally finding our feet with dressing the girls at last; everything about the way that they were dressed today made me grin from ear to ear.  These bonnets fit true-to-size and are so incredibly soft, they feel completely luxurious to touch and really elevate an outfit to the next level.  I can’t believe that we waited almost eighteen months to start accessorising our daughters! I do feel that we will probably purchase a couple more of these in different colourways as I really like the terracotta and the blue as well.  They’re definitely not cheap but I think they’ll probably resell quite well if we manage to keep them in good condition; bonnets are so ‘in vogue’ at the moment and it’s a trend that I see lasting a good few more winters.

    You can find the bonnets from La Coqueta Kids (£26 each), and the dresses from Bang Bang Copenhagen/Alex and Alexa.

    What do you think?


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    1. Deborah
      December 18, 2017 / 10:45 am

      Just stunning, and they really made me smile too! I love, love, love bonnets, and these two show them off to perfection. Emmy’s face pulling 🙂 xxx

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