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  • An Open Letter to My Partner

    Dearest you,

    I love how every time that I stagger out of bed to tend to a crying baby, you have beaten me to it and are sat there holding our child, with the biggest grin on your face.  For the first week or so of this parenting journey I thought that you were faking it, but I’m beginning to believe that you are truly this happy.

    Motherhood suits you.  Visitors often remark as to how naturally it has come to you, and even the professionals assume that you are the mother and I am the gormless friend.  I’m not thrilled to be relegated to the outside role, but it pleases me enormously how easily people recognise your maternal bond.  You are so good at this.

    It was always clear that I would be the one to carry our children, but I still worried that your bond with them would suffer.  I worried that I was cheating you of the opportunity to have children of your own.  I was wrong.  These boys are entirely ‘your own’ and your bond with them is better than mine!  You have loved these children of ours from the very beginning, from a time when I doubted that there was anything in my uterus at all.  You are a wonderful mother.

    I love to listen to you talk to them.  You talk as though you are participating in a conversation, as though they answer in voices that only you can hear.  You read them stories and poetry, you can make any book seem interesting.  You bring the world to life for them.

    In every photograph I take of you these days, you are cradling at least one infant.  Sometimes you have two.  Do your arms never get tired?  Do you never find them – I don’t know – kind of dull?  Every day, you make some new discovery about these children, be it the curve of a particular toenail or a new aspect of their personalities.  You make them little people to me, rather than shrieking blobs.  And you do it so effortlessly.  It makes me wish that we had done this years before.

    I am so glad that we are doing this together.  You should know how much I admire you right now, how much I’m enjoying getting to know mama-you.  Thank you for sharing this time with me.  Thank you for loving these children as easily as you do, for being their mum.

    With much love,

    Amber x



    1. November 20, 2014 / 8:33 pm

      All my love to you all

    2. blue juniper
      November 26, 2014 / 9:36 pm

      There you go, making me cry all over my keyboard! Lovely letter.

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