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  • Baby Fashion: How Much Shopping is Too Much?

    I’ve been spending again.

    One of my friends joked recently that shopping for the twins is my hobby and do you know what?  I think she’s right.  There’s nothing quite like that adrenaline hit of finding the PERFECT outfit after an exhausting search.  Or the joy of coming across a previously-undiscovered brand purely by accident.  It makes me happy.

    This friend doesn’t share my love of shopping.  Her children always look nice but she prefers to save her money for other things, buying clothes only when her children actively need them.  And rather than trawling about on the internet, she shops from the high street.  I’ve been shopping with her before and it’s quite the experience – she pops in and out of a handful of shops, picks out a handful of key pieces and then declares herself done for the season.  Just like that!  The whole process takes less than an hour.

    I don’t do that.  I invest a lot of time in shopping for the boys – time that, admittedly, could be spent doing something more worthwhile.  I love to support the smaller, local brands that people may not have heard of.  I’m also a big fan of the more playful-looking Scandinavian baby clothes and quite often buy those online and have them sent over.  And I get ridiculously excited when I find a brand that I haven’t supported before and whose clothes I love.  It makes me happy when I take the boys out and none of the other babies are dressed the same as them.  We receive lots of compliments on their wardrobe and I’m always glad to point parents in the direction of where that particular item has come from.

    That said, that’s not to say that the boys never wear clothes from the high street – if I love something then I buy it, no matter where it’s from.  And my mum loves to shop for her grandsons, she frequently picks bits up from Marks & Spencer and even – gasp – the supermarket.  The bodysuits below are adorable, and also from Tesco.

    Even though I try to save money by shopping the sales and buying second-hand, it all adds up rather quickly.  I was horrified recently when we were packing up the boys’ outgrown 3-6 month wardrobe and realised that many items still had their tags on, and most others had only been worn once.  It made me wonder whether my hobby might be getting a little out of hand, and if I ought to pull back a bit.

    Or perhaps I should just change the twins’ outfits multiple times each day!

    What is your baby clothes-shopping strategy?  Where do you like to shop?

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    1. May 12, 2015 / 1:27 am

      I favour somewhat pricey brands… Not the most expensive ones, like proper luxury market brands, but more upmarket, a bit above the cost of Next etc. Like those Scandinavian brands, like Polarn o Pyret.

      Luckily we do get a lot of clothes as gifts as well, but it does add up. And my daughter has a larger wardrobe than I have which is ridiculous 😀

    2. May 12, 2015 / 2:10 pm

      Having 4 children, Next was our saving grace, but just recently I’ve decided I’m sick of seeing everyone in the same clothes, gosh I must sound like a snob… I’m definitely not, but seeing as I struggle with fashion these days since not being able to lose weight after Eden, I am going to enjoy spending our money on the children. I’m a huge fan of alexandalexa.com as they have so many different brands. We like the spanish brand mayoral as they are not too expensive and different to everyday finds. x

    3. Shivie P
      May 12, 2015 / 6:41 pm

      With 4 kids, I love Joules!xx

    4. May 12, 2015 / 10:04 pm

      I have always shopped a lot on the highstreet, but I have loved finding more unique things for Finn, knowing that he isn’t wearing the same as everyone else and finding colours other than baby blue which most supermarkets seem to think is all little boys can wear. I am not an internet shopper (I blame all the night feeds). I love seeing What the twins are in, I think they are Finn’s style icons hehe

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