Being Gay Parents

We are the happiest mothers in the world.  We are so in love with our little family.

As a two-mum family conceiving the twins took quite a bit of planning for us, but all of the drugs and needles paid off and we have two beautiful children. This is my space to share how we did it, the joys and frustrations of fertility interventions and what life is like as a same-sex couple with kids.

If you are a gay woman wondering whether you could have a future like ours, yes, you can. Read on.

If you are interested in what life as a gay family might be like, read on and join us on our family adventure.

We would love to share some insight into our lives with you.

A Letter to the Twins About Being Part of Our Family

On Seeing Your Children in their Non-Bio Mum

Two-Mum Motherhood

What do the Children of Gay Mums do on Father’s Day?

Gay Mums and the Accidental Pregnancy

A Conversation with my Fellow Gay Mum Bloggers about Identity

An Open Letter to the Twins’ Sperm Donor

My Twin Caesarean Birth Story

Our IVF Journey

Legal Parenthood and Donor Sperm

The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask about Donor Sperm

Being the Second-Best Mother on Mother’s Day

Dolce, Gabbana and the Synthetic Babies Controversy

An Open Letter to Kirsty

The End of Week One with the Twins

A Guest Post by Kirsty about Not Carrying the Twins

Is there anything that you would like us to write about?  Comment or contact us by email and we’ll address the topic if we can!








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