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  • Approaching the First Birthday

    I sigh that kiss you,
    For I must own
    That I shall miss you
    When you have grown.

    (The Cradle Song, Yeats)

    They are beautiful but they are not my babies and sometimes I find myself sitting and looking at them and wondering who they are.  My babies were never so vivacious, never such little people.  These creatures are human beings concentrated down into tiny packages, they are fairy children, changelings.  They are delightful, captivating.

    My babies have never climbed on to the sofa to sit beside me and rest their heads on my shoulder.  But these people do, and they wrap their chubby little arms around my neck.  They offer me their toys to examine as though I have never seen my kitchen clips before, or the piece of Tupperware that they are batting about the floor.  They like to practice their giving and taking – “May I have it?  THANK you!” – but they are wickedly amused when we demonstrate snatching.  Balthazar can climb a ladder to the ceiling in less than a minute (please, please, don’t ask how I know that…).

    Mother: ”What noise does a sheep make?”  A tiny, gleeful voice: “Baa!”

    This evening Lysander walked across the room toward me.  He walked across the room.

    I have written about all that I shall miss from their babyhood.  I want to keep it with me, to treasure it forever.  But on the cusp of their first birthday these tiny people are such fun.


    We have been planning their first birthday party.  We want it to reflect their dynamic personalities, the colour that they have brought to our lives.  We want it to be bright.  We were going to throw a Where the Wild Things Are party but I’ve been convinced to put that back on the shelf for next year, when they will be able to enjoy it too.  This party will be all about Rainbows.

    There will be one candle on the cake and as we light it we will reflect on this magical year, on the change and growth we have experienced as a family and the joy that these little people have brought to our lives.  It will be a day to celebrate the babies that they were, the toddlers they are becoming.  The people that they have always been.

    Sunday 25th October at noon, at Grandy’s house.  If you’re wondering where your invitation is, it’s still – cough – on my desk in the office.  No, really.  If you know us ‘in real life’ please feel free to drop in – we’d  love to share their special day with you.

    Signing offline to stare at my sleeping toddlers, and get to work on rainbow bunting.  How on earth are they almost a year old already?

    _DSC7993 _DSC8000



    1. Claire
      October 6, 2015 / 11:50 pm

      I have no shame in admitting that I teared up a bit. What a lovely post, your little boys sound wonderfully fun.

    2. My Two Mums
      October 7, 2015 / 2:26 pm

      A year?? They can’t be.

    3. Deborah
      October 7, 2015 / 7:52 pm

      I have just noticed that as I am sitting on the sofa reading this, I have my big toes flexed upwards. Look as Lysander’s toes in the first picture. Grandy

    4. Natalie Ray
      October 7, 2015 / 10:46 pm

      Oh my goodness they are gorgeous, I just love those cheeky little grins! And they are so good on their feet already. Mine were both late walkers who went from zero to walking around in the space of half an hour so I always envy the beautiful little baby steps stage. Have a wonderful day celebrating such an amazing year, they grow up so quickly don’t they? I sometimes wish that time could stop, just for a while.xx

    5. Lizzie
      October 8, 2015 / 10:23 pm

      Hi, your boys are just gorgeous, we have been following your blog from the beginning and also have twin boys, one is called Lysander or Sandyman due to his lack of sleeping as a newborn!!!! Please can you tell me where the jackets are from, we have serious baby coat envy… 🙂 thank you x

    6. katie @mummydaddyme
      October 15, 2015 / 7:27 pm

      I cannot believe these beautiful boys are nearly a year old. And I love their little coats- they are definitely the type of thing I would buy my girls! x

    7. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure
      October 21, 2015 / 8:45 pm

      Oh they are still so tiny, wait until you have a 4 year old crashing around the place! I hope they have a perfect birthday, rainbow is the best theme

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