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  • An Interview with Bonnie Mob

    You may recall that when I accidentally dressed Kirsty and Josephine-dog in matchy sweaters for a local art festival, she refused to stand near the dog for almost the entire day. So you can imagine how it went down when I told her that Bonnie Mob, one of my favourite childrenswear brands, were sending us identical jumpers to wear for a photoshoot to help promote their collaboration with Selfish Mother. This limited edition collaboration is raising money for refugee families in Europe via Refugee Support, a charity that aims to ‘put dignity first and act quickly to improve refugees’ health, wellbeing and opportunities. And by spending locally, we also support local communities’.

    She couldn’t argue with that now, could she?

    Admittedly, we did both get the giggles walking down the street together dressed like this. How could we not?  By the time that we reached the woods, we had tears streaming down our faces as we were laughing so hard.

    These jumpers are so soft and they fit beautifully; the material sits just right and isn’t clingy at all.  It comes in two colourways, this striking grey and coral and a gorgeous black and gold.  I adore the motif on the front.  It’s become one of my favourite lightweight jumpers for this season, but Kirsty is right – we probably won’t wear them again at the same time!

    And you wouldn’t believe what Bonnie Mob sent for Balthazar, Lysander, Embla and Olympia…


    You can shop the whole tiger collection here.

    We spent a delightful hour or so in the woods, climbing trees and throwing leaves, snacking on muffins and taking photographs of the children in their incredible outfits.  Once I knew that we had enough images for the brand, I couldn’t resist having a little fun of a different kind…


    You can read our interview with Bonnie Mob here.

    The thing I love best about clothing brand collaborations is this: They always come back. And I simply cannot let this opportunity pass before drawing your attention to these thoroughly darling images of the boys when they were small, in their first Bonnie Mob. True to the Bonnie Mob motto of ‘Buy once, buy well, pass it on’, their sisters looked phenomenal in these pieces a few years later.

    Are you Bonnie Mob fans too?



    1. Deborah
      October 26, 2017 / 2:51 pm

      Such beautiful clothes on such beautiful children ????????????????.

    2. November 2, 2017 / 7:01 pm

      So gorgeous 🙂 We love Bonnie Mob – H has a few pieces that he’s worn continuously and the quality is just perfect!

      Thanks for linking up to #ALivelyStyle xx

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