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  • Decorating a Nursery with Boori

    Decorating a nursery was one of the aspects of my pregnancy with the girls to which I was most looking forward. When the boys were small we didn’t have the space for a bedroom of their own and so for a long while they shared with us. It was lovely to have that time with them and I stopped feeling quite so neurotic about cosleeping once they were about six months old or so, but I did feel that we missed out on the excitement of the nursery – choosing the theme, decorating the walls, sitting in that little space still pregnant and imagining how it would be.

    This time round we moved to a three-bedroom house when I was about seven months pregnant. The boys share a bedroom of their own and the girls have the little box room, a space just big enough to fit two small girls and their little possessions. It’s a cosy little room but I was excited to make it theirs, and toward the end of my pregnancy I spent quite a bit of time in there, folding and unfolding their tiny clothes and daydreaming about the future.

    We have had to be a little careful about decorating as we are renting our lovely little house. Our landlords are so nice – real people, not just an agency – but we wouldn’t want to push our luck by painting their walls or drilling holes into them. I wanted to focus instead on beautiful accessories and elegant furniture, on little touches that would personalise the room and suit two little girls in their first few years.

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    A few months ago Boori got in contact and offered our choice of cot for the girls’ room. Boori offer a beautiful and well-regarded range of wooden furniture which we had been admiring for a while, so we were delighted to accept their offer. We chose the Boori Sleigh Cotbed in English Oak and decorated our nursery around it. The Sleigh Cotbed is so elegant, it reminds me of somewhere a princess would sleep, and so we decided to decorate our nursery with a loose fairytale theme and to focus more specifically on unicorns. We decided to keep it fairly minimalistic until the girls were born, collecting little bits and pieces along our way, so that we could indulge a little more once we had an idea of who they are – as much as one can get a feel for a baby’s personality, anyway.

    There is so much that I still want to add to their room. Kirsty has promised to crochet me some flower-themed bunting to wrap about the cot, to match the beautiful blanket that you can see in the pictures. I would like to spell out their names in wooden letters above the cot, and somewhat ambitiously, I’d like to make something for them myself. We have ordered a beautiful ceiling lightshade that hasn’t yet arrived as the designer is having somewhat of a busy summer, and I have my eye on some beautiful handmade dolls and a stuffed unicorn or two that I would love to purchase as special toys for the girls. It’s definitely still a work in progress but now that the girls are here we can really focus on making it special for them, whilst keeping our beautiful cotbed as a focal point for the room.

    We made a little video to immortalise the girls at one week old, in their bedroom.  You can see the Boori Sleigh Cotbed in action as well as some of the accessories that we have used to decorate.

    How did you decorate your nurseries?  I’d love to see some photos, or hear ideas for what you would add to a unicorn-themed room for little girls.


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    1. Deborah
      August 9, 2016 / 3:53 pm

      That was such a beautiful and emotional video. The girls are stunning, and I think a little bit of personality is beginning to show through. Xx

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