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  • Five Tips for Dressing Baby on a Budget

    When it comes to baby fashion, we have expensive tastes and a shoestring budget.  As I’m becoming rather a dab hand at snatching up a bargain, I thought that I would share my top five tips here on the blog.

    1. eBay is your friend.  Babies are in their clothing sizes for such a short space of time that even the ‘worn’ items are in fact pretty new.  My most exciting recent eBay win was the brand new Cololo duffle coat that I snagged last week.  These coats retail at £45; including postage, mine came to just under £9.  It’s size 2-3 years so I’ll have to put it in storage for some time – which brings me to my next point…

    2. If you have the space, shop the end-of-season sales.  Buy clothes in sizes that your children won’t need yet and put them away for later.  Not only will you save a fortune but by the time that your children get round to wearing those clothes, other people’s children won’t be wearing them at all!

    3. Find out when sample sales are happening, and go to them.  This is my favourite tip, actually.  I’ve only been to one – the Tootsa Macginty sample sale earlier this year – but it was AMAZING.  I snapped up a wardrobe worth £500 for £150, met and conversed with founder Kate Pietrasik (and then was too shy to introduce myself and the blog – bugger!) and had a really fun morning.  I will definitely go again, and am keeping my eyes peeled for other sample sales too.

    4. Convince mum-friends with older children and good taste to give you their cast-offs, swap them for wine or sell them at a gentle price.  (Actually – I can think of a few blogger friends whose tinies’ wardrobes I’d commit a crime for…)

    5. Make your own!  Now, I’m not crafty at all but my partner is and as a consequence the twins have all sorts of beautiful hand-knit goodies like the jumper above.  If you have two left thumbs like I do, consider whether there are any doting grandmothers or clever friends who might enjoy creating something lovely for your little one.

    I started to shop for baby clothes at more or less the minute that the pregnancy was confirmed, but I still have less than a year of experience exploring the cut-throat world of baby fashion.  Do you have any advice for scoring thrilling items at prices that won’t give your average shopper an aneurism?  If so, do leave a comment as I’d love to hear!



    1. December 23, 2014 / 9:08 pm

      Not just ebay, I have only been to one boot fair since having children, but I got some gorgeous trousers for 25p! Biggest bargain ever. I wish I could buy ahead, but until Pretzel is born I don’t know whether he will grow at a normal rate or like his biggest brother (who was in 9-12 months before he turned 4 months old and left us with loads of clothes he couldn’t wear!). I love how your little guys are dressed!

      • December 25, 2014 / 7:59 pm

        Ooh. Hadn’t thought of boot fairs but I guess that there will be plenty of them in the spring. I’ll have to give this a go – thank you! 9-12 month sizing at four months is INSANE; I bet your arms nearly fell off carrying that about!

    2. December 24, 2014 / 1:32 pm

      Agree with all of these, especially ebay bundles. Now we know new baby is a boy I am bundling up some of the nicer girl bits and bobs for ebay to put on in the new year, and then will spend what I make on things for new baby boy. Also charity shops can be a very cheap way to bulk out basics etc! I get a lot of Athenas nursery clothes from charity shops as I don’t mind if they get grubby!

      OH, and tescos double up club card points or whatever it is, I got £15 turned into £30 and got a heap of baby clothes in their sale!

      • December 25, 2014 / 7:57 pm

        Oh! Those are good ones. Especially Tesco’s… I should definitely do that!

        Hadn’t realised that you were having a boy, Lauren! Congratulations!

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