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  • #GeorgeToyStories Heirloom Toys with Asda

    Do you have any heirloom toys? My parents didn’t save any of their own toys, the spoilsports, but my grandmother kept a collection of some of my uncle’s old toys at her house. I was quite a ‘girly’ little girl and wouldn’t have spent nearly so much of my childhood playing with wooden blocks and toy cars had those toys not been kept to entertain us.

    Ten years later the last of my cousins were born and the same toys were pulled out to amuse them when they visited and now that there are great-grandchildren in the family my grandmother is eagerly holding on to those same toys and looking forward to the days when this new set of little ones will be able to build little houses and zoos from the blocks, and push the cars down the hallway.

    George at Asda have sent the twins their own ‘heirloom toy‘, a toy kitchen, to play with themselves for now, pass down to siblings when they outgrow it and, maybe, even take to their own homes one day when they have children of their own to play with the kitchen.  We have been saving it for a Christmas present so can’t share a picture yet, but they have loved playing with a neighbour’s wee toy kitchen and I know that it’s going to be a ginormous hit.


    Collaborative post.



    1. Donna
      December 12, 2015 / 6:32 pm

      I don’t have any toys or anything from my own childhood but I hope my children have some of theirs one day. I love wooden toys for their long lasting, timeless appeal and will save some for when ours have children themselves x

    2. Alexandra @imeverymum
      December 15, 2015 / 8:28 am

      I had one teddy that I kept for years, the one I was given the day I was born. The day I made up with my best friend at high school though (we’d had some silly fight) I gave it to her. I don’t know why really, althought it meant a lot at the time there’s no way she’ll still have that tatty teddy now. My brother still has his. James’ family are really sentimental they have toys that belonged to him, that’ve been passed down to ours, precious toys that belonged to James’ uncle that died before James was born, James’ Mum had kept safe and she gave to Judah. So lovely, I think in my family as there were 5 children, and a small home, as soon as the toys were outgrown they were off to the charity shop around the corner. I feel a bit the same, I try and keep the odd sentimental thing and hope they will survive as we inevitably move, but with James involved in the scenario too, who knows xxxx lovely post

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