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  • Gratitude

    Today I need the reminder.  Today I’m tired and restless and hormonal and I need to rememeber all of the reasons to be glad and grateful right now.  So here are my top five.

    1. My blood test results for Obstetric Cholestasis are still ‘borderline’ – no increase.  Aside from that, my bloods are very normal and my iron is actually quite high!  So physically I’m in great shape and a nice, hospitable environment for the boys.

    2. Two days ago we found ourselves having some emergency monitoring after I downed a bunch of cake mix and then noticed that only one baby was turning somersaults!  Thankfully the lazy baby (and yes – it was Naughty Twin) was just fine, but it was a very scary realisation of how quickly everything can go wrong.  Of course, I’m exceedingly grateful that Naughty was just having a sleepy day.

    3. This lady.  I’m not much fun to live with right now and I know that my sniping, snarking and general hormonal misery is proving more than a little trying but yet again she’s my rock.  I can’t imagine doing this without her, just like how I could never imagine any of life’s other milestones without her – revising for my GCSEs, adopting my first pet as an adult, moving out of my mother’s home.  I feel so fortunate to have met my soulmate at such a young age and to be in a position to have children with her now.  I’m sitting on our bed right now and watching her knit by the window; she’s making tiny cabled coats to keep our little boys warm this winter.

    She is going to be a wonderful mother.

    4. … And this little girl.  I’ve always had pets, but I’ve never before had a dog who seems to read my mind.  There have been some interesting studies that seem to show a positive correlation between snuggles with dogs and lower blood pressure, so I’m crediting Posy hugely for keeping mine in check right now!

    5. And you.  All of you.  Everyone who reads this blog, everyone who comments.  Your kind words mean so much and have been so needed at times.  Thank you for sharing yourselves with me.  Thank you for your time and your knowledge and your friendship.  I do believe that it takes a village to raise healthy children and I’m grateful to have another village inside my computer.  I’m glad to have you all.



    1. October 29, 2014 / 9:13 am

      What a lovely post. I like to think about what I’m thankful for each week as it helps me appreciate what I am lucky enough to have around me.

      • November 2, 2014 / 10:35 pm

        It’s so easy to get caught up with day-to-day stresses and forget how lucky we are, isn’t it? I’m trying to make a point of stepping back and breathing, looking around and remembering how much I’ve always wanted to have exactly this. Glad that you do, too!

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