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  • Camber Sands with Milly’O

    I booked a five-day break to Camber Sands on a whim back in February, when the rain lashed against the glass of the windows and it seemed impossible to believe that we would ever be warm again.  At the time I was longing for summer: to walk barefoot across scorching pavements, to breathe in the scent of sun cream from my children’s skin, to wade into the sea to cool down, small hands clasping mine.  Our Butlins trip and long weekend of Brighton of last summer felt like a distant dream, like something we told ourselves before bed to lull ourselves into a more gentle sleep.  But I wanted it – oh, how I wanted it!  And yet it seemed so far away.

    But we had pennies in the bank, so we booked an inexpensive caravan holiday in a sale, to a place that we had been to before: Park Resorts in Camber.  The boys wouldn’t remember the last time that we visited as they were under a year old at the time, but Kirsty and I have fond memories of wandering the dunes and gazing out at the wide expanse of pale sand and a grey sea.  It seems so long ago.  I was such a different person then – a mother of two, struggling to find her feet.

    Kirsty remarked to me earlier this week that she had felt similarly, that the Camber Sands holiday would never come around – and then suddenly it was upon us and we were packing the suitcase and ticking items off of the list, corralling children and boarding the train for our week away.  I’ll write a little ‘review’ of our week away separately, I think; I just wanted to use this post to share some of the photographs that we took one afternoon on the beach, which was just across the road from our caravan park.  Everything was so beautiful there.  I love my children fiercely, forever and always – but I think I like them best outside and barefoot, wild and free.

    Milly’O kindly sent the girls these adorable rompers in exchange for a few pictures of them wearing them on insta, but I loved all of the photographs so much that I simply had to share them here as well.  Although we didn’t pay for these items, £22 for a custom-made outfit seems extremely reasonable and browsing the website, I can see plenty of pieces that I would love to take home!  The girls received tons of compliments and we were really pleased with the quality, so I would definitely recommend that you check out Milly’O if you’re in the market for sweet baby outfits.


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