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  • My Secondborn, No Less Precious

    Lysander.  Sasha.  Plumpkin.  You remind me of  a baby from a 1950s nappy advert; you look like a little cherub, with just the right amount of chub and that curly blonde hair.  I love how friendly and outgoing you are, how every new person is not a stranger but a friend you don’t know yet, how you smile until your eyes disappear into your cheeks such are your efforts to coax this unfamiliar person into acknowledging you.  I hope that these extraverted tendencies stay with you and that people never disappoint you more than you can forgive.


    You were our second-born baby but no less special.  During that first awful week when your brother appeared to be wilting, you were a reassuring armful of baby, 6lbs 6oz of rosy-cheeked health.  Even when you were tiny you were so alert, demanding to be sat up like a proper baby, trying to coax bounces out of us when you were still so small that the internet was telling us that we should hold your head.  You have always been ready to move on to the next stage, to learn a new skill.

    You are a very civilised baby and you will pretend to take sips of water out of anything remotely cup-shaped, and to speak on the ‘telephone’ whenever somebody says ‘hello’.  That said, you also like to carry around your little wooden hammer just in case anything needs bashing, which you find that most surfaces often do.  Does this hint at a future as a businessman or a construction worker?  We cannot tell.


    I think that you will do well in school.  Not because I think that you are tremendously bright – of course I do, but what parent doesn’t think that their child is bright? – but because you are a natural people-pleaser; you will want to achieve because we, your parents, your teachers, want you to achieve.  I see it in you now as you study our actions and our faces, desperate to learn, to wave bye-bye, to pull a face like a fish, to tell us what noise a sheep makes.  You are a  joy and a delight.

    Both as your first year draws to a close and as you read this letter I hope that you know how much we love you, wouldn’t change you.  Being your mother has exceeded my every dream.

    With so much love from your mother.



    1. Carie @ Space for the Butterflies
      October 25, 2015 / 12:30 pm

      He really is as cute as a button, and with the most gorgeous smile!

    2. You Baby Me Mummy
      November 2, 2015 / 11:06 pm

      Oh he is so handsome. The line “people never disappoint you more than you can forgive.” is just gorgeous huni, really touched me. Lovely letter xx

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