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  • One Last Babywearing Walk in 2015

    As a full-time working mum, weekends are so important to me. We have routines and traditions for almost everything, from Saturday morning breakfast (fancy, Kirsty’s choice, I make) to long, leisurely afternoon walks with the dog, where we always all go and use it as an opportunity to really talk and catch up. The twins are half-asleep when I leave in the morning and fully asleep when I come home at night so those precious two days are my only real chance to remind my children who I am, and how much I love them. Not only that, but for Kirsty and I, who are exhausted most evenings, the weekend is a good chance to spend the time together that we miss so much in the week.

    Kirsty is still babywearing the twins at fourteen months in our fabulous TwinGo. They love so much to be worn and it’s handy to be able to take them through the woods without worrying about wheels sticking in mud or narrow gates that are inaccessible for a double pram. It separates out into two carriers so that I can sometimes wear one too but mostly babywearing is Kirsty’s special thing.

    I thought that I’d bring the camera along and document one of my favourite parts of our weekend. This time in a year I expect that they will both want to get down and walk, at least part of the way, so these photographs feel precious to me. Time, babyhood, is so fleeting. It makes me treasure my blog and my camera, to know that we will always have my words and pictures to remind us of how things were.

    _DSC1812 _DSC1816 _DSC1814

    _DSC1823_DSC1833 _DSC1856 _DSC1843 _DSC1862 _DSC1859 _DSC1865

    This is exactly how I think of us right now – Kirsty wearing the twins, me walking by her side with camera in hand, our Josephine-dog sniffing up ahead.  When I’m at work and 99.9% of me is focused on the task ahead, that remaining .1% is here in the woods, doing exactly this.



    1. LauraCYMFT
      December 30, 2015 / 7:47 pm

      Beautiful pictures as always! It must make it so much easier baby-wearing the two of them. I used to hate my tandem pushchair and that was with a toddler and baby in.

    2. Alexandra | I'm Every Mum
      January 4, 2016 / 6:25 pm

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m always amazed that Kirsty still wears the boys, I struggled so much. I wore them both in a sling but only until a certain age/weight as my back is so weak, and now occasionally if their unwell I have one where I can put them on my hips but mostly they walk everywhere now. We don’t even use a pushchair. I’ve had some negative comments on my blog recently that made me want to stop posting, and reading this reminds me exactly why we do it. To remember these moments. As you say they’re so fleeting. Also, those baby boots – absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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