[This post contains images and information about our iCandy Peach.  We were gifted an iCandy Peach in exchange for an interview on the IC Life Blog (yet to be released) however we have not been paid to write about the brand, and we were not asked to feature our iCandy Peach on Meet the Wildes.] Slowly, slowly, we are beginning to find our feet as a family of seven. She came home from the hospital in a stretchy wrap, cuddled tight against her mother’s beating heart.  And I – shaken and stunned, stitched-up, heart full to bursting with shock and with love – shuffled along beside them with wide eyes and trickles of blood snaking down my legs.  And I took the bus home like that.  Two buses, actually.  And then a little walk from the bus stop to our home where I stood – wobbled, really – because I… View Post

Two-and-a-half is a magical age. One moment they are all defiance and independence, “my do it”, bringing me my shoes and brushing my hair and waving me off at the front door, and the next moment there are fingers shut in doors and great gulping sobs, and their bodies still curl up so small when they are cradled in my arms.  I look at them sometimes and I can see who they will be, in ten years’ time, in twenty, and I am full of awe and wonder at the tremendous humans that are slowly unfurling within my girls.  And there are other times, when their breathing is soft and they have brought me a ‘manket’ and tucked us all up, and just in that moment they are exactly my babies again. They remind me so much of my sister and I. We are not twins, there are two years… View Post

[The coats in these images were sent to us by Billygoats & Raincoats, to be featured on our instagram.  I did not pay for these coats, nor was I paid to feature them.  If you’d like to learn more about them, do scroll down to the bottom of my post for a short review!] They are my best little friends. I try to tell them that often; I want them to remember, when they look back on their childhoods, that there were never too many of them.  That there was enough love to go around.  I want them to remember that we made the best team; a paperchain of children holding hands to walk down the road, a trolley-full of children organising my shopping and shouting suggestions and waving ‘hello’ to  strangers because their expectation is that everybody in the world is their friend.  I want them to remember how many… View Post

We are trying to buy a house. And by ‘trying to buy a house’, I mean that we are trying to afford a house that is sufficient in size for five children, two adults and a part-time dog on what amounts to not a very large mortgage at all.  We certainly can’t afford to buy in London.  At one point, we were literally searching ‘South East England’ on Zoopla, according to our budget (small) and minimum number of bedrooms (four).  It yielded fewer possibilities for location than one might think, particularly with the additional limitation that I will also need to commute into London on a daily basis. One of the options was Folkestone, and the more we have looked into the area and the commute, the more tempted we are by a permanent move to this area of the coast.  We decided to spend last weekend scouting the area… View Post

Oh what a December!  Oh what a Christmas! In December, I turned thirty years old.  That still feels strange to type – ‘thirty’, ‘I am in my thirties‘ – but my twenties were so much kinder to me than my teens and my childhood, and I am hopeful that my thirties will be the best decade yet.  I celebrated quietly and gently; I had asked Kirsty not to make a fuss on the day but my boss and his wife sent flowers and the most beautiful hamper from F&M and we felt so indulged and appreciated.  It was wonderful.  And then at the weekend my mother surprised us with cupcakes and candles, which the children helpfully blew out for me before I had even managed to take a deep breath!  We had an office Christmas party, which Kirsty elected not to attend on account of the new baby and I… View Post