Oh, my little girls. It seems like only the other day that you were perfect strangers and we marvelled at you as you thrashed beneath my skin, and we wondered who you would be when you were born. But my dreams those days only stretched so far; I couldn’t imagine you as anything more than babies, couldn’t envision the little girls that would grip my heart and squeeze it so tightly that sometimes, in the office, the thought of you leaves me breathless. It doesn’t seem two years ago that we daydreamed of you, and yet I feel as though I have known you all my life. On the cusp of your second birthday I wanted to take some time to write to you, to celebrate the children that you have become. You are such beautiful beings. I don’t mean physically – though you are – but your enormous hearts,… View Post

Having just returned from five days at Camber Sands, it feels as though much of the summer has already been and gone! It feels like such a joy and a treat to know that it is only mid-July and the rest of this month is stretching out ahead, followed by a blissful August and even September isn’t exactly cold, is it? And then when the weather starts to turn and the leaves fade to burnished rusts and golds, we will welcome our baby – so I can’t even bring myself to dread the end of this glorious warm stretch all that much! I wanted to take some time to write a bucket list for this summer, in part because everyone else has been doing them but also to set some measurable goals for this summer. Eat doughnuts at the seaside Build a sandcastle Collect seashells Swim – properly swim –… View Post

At (almost) two and three years old, the children suddenly seem to have more interests in common than different and we are finding that ‘quiet time’ has suddenly become quite peaceful with all four engrossed in the same book or television show. It gives me a warm feeling of satisfaction every time I walk into a room and observe the four of them tucked up together on a sofa, with their little individual bowls of popcorn – just peacefully coexisting. You hear horror stories sometimes about siblings who are close in age but worlds apart in terms of personality and interests, who are simply unable to get along, and I always harboured a secret fear that my little group of four there would be one, or two, who just didn’t quite fit with the rest. Of course, it’s early days, but my heart warms every time this fear is proven… View Post

I booked a five-day break to Camber Sands on a whim back in February, when the rain lashed against the glass of the windows and it seemed impossible to believe that we would ever be warm again.  At the time I was longing for summer: to walk barefoot across scorching pavements, to breathe in the scent of sun cream from my children’s skin, to wade into the sea to cool down, small hands clasping mine.  Our Butlins trip and long weekend of Brighton of last summer felt like a distant dream, like something we told ourselves before bed to lull ourselves into a more gentle sleep.  But I wanted it – oh, how I wanted it!  And yet it seemed so far away. But we had pennies in the bank, so we booked an inexpensive caravan holiday in a sale, to a place that we had been to before: Park… View Post

I think that 3.5 might be my favourite age yet.  They are physically independent, intellectually sharp and curious, interested in everything.. and they still love their mamas and want to spend time with us.  I love that no matter what they are doing, if they hear us laughing together they are drawn to the sound like little moths to flames and suddenly we are smothered in a deluge of little boy, climbing over our laps and kissing our faces. I just wanted to collate some recent portraits of them.  These were all from our recent trip to Camber and they make me smile so much; I love these little boys of ours so fiercely, and the glimpses of the world through their eyes are so very interesting to me.  We have had so many sweet and bonding moments lately, especially with my taking a week out of the office to… View Post