Last night you fell asleep on the windowsill, waiting for me to return home from work. Your mother had been in to ask you to settle down, because we don’t mind you playing after bedtime but when you are loud you risk disturbing the girls, and she told you that I would be home shortly and would be sad if dinner was not cooked because she was upstairs policing your game. When she left, the two of you were tucked up together, half-asleep, but you must have got back up, Balthazar, and climbed up on the windowsill to wait for me. Had I glanced up at your window when I opened the gate, I might have seen you, a small boy in character pajamas, slumped against the glass, but I didn’t, and so we were quite surprised by your cries of alarm a few hours later when you awoke to… View Post

One evening, I come home to Kirsty bathing the carpet in the bathtub. It makes me laugh because she doesn’t carry these babies of ours, but she feels their imminence so keenly. We are trying to make the house – if not beautiful, then we are trying to recover the house from the damaged wreaked upon it by four toddlers over the past two and a half years. If I could go back in time and change anything about our home selection process, it would be never to reside anywhere with carpet. Carpet is impossible to manage with small children. And it is difficult to fit in a bath. We are repainting the walls. Just white, because we rent and we don’t plan to remain here after our lease has expired. We have outgrown this sweet little house now, and it makes me a little wistful because we have loved… View Post

Hi everybody!  Just a brief upload from me today – I thought it would be fun to share my two most recent clothing haul vlogs, which detail most of what the children are going to be wearing this summer.  There’s one video for bits that you can’t find on the high street, and another sharing some truly stunning high street finds.  I hope that you enjoy watching! I’m trying hard to grow my YouTube audience, so if there’s anything you’d like me to vlog then please leave a note in the comments as I’d love to hear from you!

It starts off badly. I dream that the baby is a girl, a daughter, but she has no lungs and when she is born she cannot even gasp before dying, wide-eyed and still trailing her umbilical cord, on my chest. I remember to bring the camera but forget the memory card, so I can’t record the scan for Kirsty who is at home juggling four toddlers and a tsunami of home deliveries. But I am not late, which is a start, and there is a cafe nearby that will make me a decaffeinated almond-milk latte; the woman behind the counter recommends the chocolate cookies and so I order one of those as well, on the grounds that we want the baby to be awake and active for the ultrasound. It works. The baby fizzes around inside of me like one of those menthol-in-Coke experiments and then, two minutes before I… View Post

Shoreditch is one of my toddlers’ favourite places. I mean – they’ll chose a trip to the beach or to soft play over Shoreditch, without a doubt. But on quiet Saturday afternoons, they really like to visit Shoreditch. The lure is in part the transport. They really like to ride buses and trains, and the trip entails both a bus ride to the train station and a twenty-minute train ride into London Bridge. From there, we take a taxi, which they love, all the way to Brick Lane and stroll down the road together peering into the shops and admiring the extravagent and outlandish art on the walls. They love to swing around the lamp posts; they are care-free and innocent. They make me smile so hard that my jaw aches. We have little competitions: to find new art, to find the best art. They always surprise me with how… View Post