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  • Review: The Weego Twin Carrier

    Getting out and about with twins can be a mission at the best of times, so before they were born we made a point of acquiring several different modes of transport for multiple babies: the Little Nipper Out and About 360 pushchair, a Girasol wrap and the Weego Twin Carrier.  Whilst all three perform specific and useful functions within our family, at present we’re finding that the Weego gets the most use.  In particular, it was our baby-transportation method of choice this week when we took a daytrip from our part of South London to visit my in-laws, who live about two hours away by public transport on the outskirts of North London.

    It was the first time that we had taken this trip with the twins, and we were a little concerned as to how they might handle it.  We are still at a point where the twenty-minute walk to the station feels a little intimidating, so to take that walk and then take an Overground train and then two Underground trains and then a walk to the in-laws’ house did, frankly, keep me up the night before.  Not to mention, not only were we bringing the twins but also the little dog!

    We ruled out the Girasol wrap rather quickly: it’s beautiful and comfortable (or so I’m told) but getting them in and out of it can be complicated and you can’t just remove one baby – it has to be both.  The pushchair would have been a reasonable choice if not for the numerous escalators, and the risk of being caught up during the rush hour on our return.  Those trains can get extremely busy, and whilst the pushchair isn’t large by twin pushchair standards, it’s still pretty big.  So, we decided to take the Weego.

    I’m not fond of babywearing and so my partner, Kirsty, agreed to wear them for the journey.  (I took charge of the changing bag, the camera and the dog!)  We were a little concerned that it would rain, as unlike the pushchair the baby carrier doesn’t come with a rain cover, but fortunately for us it was a reasonably pleasant, clear day.

    As far as trips across London go, this one was painless.  The Weego definitely helped with that.  Kirsty reports that it was comfortable for the entire duration of the journey, although apparently could use an additional backstrap approximately where one’s bra strap sits.  It’s warm enough that the boys were happy in there even after dark, and because of the way that the babies are positioned, it’s easy to get a bottle between their heads and one’s chest in order to feed them without having to remove them from the carrier.  But – unlike the Girasol – if one does need to take a baby out of the Weego, it’s easy to manage and it is safe to remove just one baby at a time if necessary.

    A win for the Weego.  The only fault that Kirsty reports is the boring colour – aesthetically, it definitely loses out to our colourful Girasol wrap!


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