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  • The End of Week One

    Here they are.  Balthazar:

    And our Lysander:

    Yesterday ended our first week as mummies to outside-of-uterus babies.  It’s been terrible and wonderful in mostly equal measures.

    I have been pleasantly surprised at our resiliance as a couple.  We have survived a horrible week without shredding each other.  I had never sobbed on Kirsty’s shoulder before this week but it felt right to do so at the time.

    And we are really enjoying sharing these babies with each other.  It’s as though our relationship has always been a bungalow and over the past week, somebody has built us a second floor.  It’s a whole new experience.  I thought that we would hate the middle of the night wake-ups but actually, it has become my favourite time; when the whole world appears to be sleeping aside from us, the boys and the little dog, and we snuggle and talk softly and half-watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

    I love watching Kirsty be a mum.  She was made for the role.  I’ve spent a dismaying amount of time stropping and sobbing, but she’s given me that time by holding the fort in every other respect.  It’s wonderful to watch her bond develop with the little creatures whom I grew; they do a lot of skin-to-skin snuggling and she can stop their cries quicker than anybody else.  She finds countless new reasons to like these tiny strangers and points them out to me, she makes them so much more accessible just by loving them as fiercely as she does.

    (This picture was taken 47 hours after the caesarean!  It definitely shows, but I hope that you can also see the love and the pride.  And oh!  Kirsty knitted the hats and cardis – how clever is she?!)

    We are so happy.  Ridiculously happy. I’m so grateful and glad to have her, and them (and the little dog) and to have been born in a time and place where we can be mummies and nobody has batted an eyelid.  And every day is getting better, and we are so enjoying falling in love with the two newest members of our family.

    I am planning to make a habit of taking a full family photograph every week.  The other photographs from this session will be shared shortly but just to finish up this post, here is our photograph from just an hour shy of completing week one.

    Thank you, world.  Thank you, universe.  Thank you to whatever series of coincidences lead me to finding her, and then the little dog and then them.



    1. November 9, 2014 / 2:43 pm

      What a lovely post! Your little boys are just beautiful congratulations!

    2. November 11, 2014 / 4:09 pm

      You’re making me cry, such a beautiful post and your sons are gorgeous, congratulations both of you x

    3. November 11, 2014 / 4:33 pm

      What a beautiful and moving post! Congratulations on the gorgeous new members of you lovely family xxx

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