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  • The Third Trimester

    Today I am twenty-eight weeks pregnant and as such, have entered the third and final trimester of pregnancy. On paper I still have twelve weeks to go, although fewer than half of all twin pregnancies reach thirty-seven weeks and the average twin pregnancy lasts thirty-five. That scares me a little until I remember that my first set of twins had to be wrenched out at thirty-eight and my body is well and truly capable of gestating a multiple pregnancy to term. We won’t be inducing these twins unless there’s a jolly good reason for it so we might well reach forty weeks after all.

    I am starting to feel a little more uncomfortable although it’s certainly bearable at this point. My most annoying ‘symptom’ is that, as I described it to my boss recently, sleep has become exhausting. There are very few positions that are comfortable and I spend a lot of time tossing and turning before giving up, usually in the middle of the night, and taking a break from it for a while. I’m starting to wish that we had a king-sized bed instead of a double so that I could build myself a nest of pillows but alas, there isn’t the space. Funnily enough, Kirsty found this post the other day from where I was about as far along with the boys and we both laughed about how similarly I seem to be feeling this time round.

    I’m still anaemic and prone to breathlessness and fainting and it’s definitely becoming harder to move at speed, or indeed to get up and down! Twin mothers don’t have their fundal height measured typically but I would love to know how mine compares against a singleton pregnancy because I think I look full-term. In fact, my favourite cupcake shop gave me a cake for free just the other day after he cheerily declared that I ‘must be due any day now!’ and I replied, rather frostily, that I still had three months to go, actually.

    _DSC6071 _DSC6070

    We are currently working on a house move so I haven’t been able to nest as much as I would like, and not in the conventional ways. We’ve been working on our little girls’ wardrobes, picking up bits and pieces that we can’t resist, and designing the nursery in our heads. At the moment I’m pushing for a unicorn theme but we haven’t started committing to any kind of design yet.  Kirsty will probably make some of the accessories for the babies’ room – she is so crafty.  It will be a relief when we finally move in on Saturday and can start unpacking and working on the finer details, at the moment I feel so unprepared to have two more babies even though I know that we don’t need nearly so much ‘stuff’ as I think we do.

    We’ve been thinking more about the birth and I’ll post about that soon. I’d quite like to put together a birth playlist, if only because living in London our neighbours are never far away! This is one of Kirsty’s tasks as she’s far more musical than I am; most of the time it’s all just noise to me.  The finer details of my birth plan are still being finalised but I should know more after my next consultant midwife appointment on the 4th May.

    Recently I’ve been feeling far more hormonal and broody.  Many of my friends have had babies recently or are expecting them imminently and seeing those tiny, squashy bodies on social media has more or less undone me; I just want mine in my arms now.  July feels both terrifyingly close and far too far away.

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    1. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure
      May 3, 2016 / 8:35 pm

      You have such a beautiful bump! I know how the sleep is, I have only one baby doing upside down star jumps in my uterus but I still have to turn over every hour as my hips ache and wake me and I pretty much need a fork lift truck to help out. We have a king sized bed, but I have a rather large man in it who still insists on sleeping in the middle and I am quite often sharing my side with a small person as well. I hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you!

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