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  • Tootsa Macginty Sample Sale

    Oh, Tootsa Macginty.  How I love thee.

    No, seriously, you guys.  I do.  And only fractionally less than I love Kirsty, the boys and the dog.

    I have Chloe from Sorry About the Mess to thank for this new-found romance – it would probably have taken me a wee while longer to discover this adorable, locally-based brand.  And I would certainly have missed the sample sale from which I have just returned had she not tweeted about it.  So thanks, Chloe!  (Although admittedly, my bank balance is not quite so happy with you as I am.  Silly, fussy bank balance.)

    Having never been to a sample sale before, I had only the vaguest idea in my mind of what one might be like.  This one, I’m happy to say, was vastly friendlier than I thought it would be.  Less tussling over tiny clothing and a lot more cooperation and chatting.  I did nearly trip over a toddler or two but as I can no longer see my own feet, I thought that fairly understandable (and the parents took it well!).  And it was so fun.  So incredibly fun.  I’ll admit that I love shopping anyway, but surely even the most shopping-adverse person would be able to find some joy in acquiring seriously adorable styles at bargain prices.

    Despite the fact that it was a clearance sale, I found that there was plenty of variety in sizing.  That said, I suppose that the advantage of having unborn babies to shop for is that I could afford to take any size, season-depending.  Although I did get a few baby items, most of what I bought is actually for toddlers – including their Christmas jumpers for next year!  There was one hairy moment where I was forced by lack of smaller sizes to buy a jumper aged 5-6 years (yes, forced, I tell you) but I plan to put it on one of my eventual three-year-olds and just roll up the sleeves.

    I feel that the ladies helping out deserve a special mention.  They were so helpful and friendly, and as one of them is a fraternal twin, she spent some time telling me all about her experience growing up as one.  Another sweetheart walked past me outside the town hall and made a point of waving ‘goodbye’.

    Best of all, I managed to swing a wardrobe that the ladies estimated was worth £500 for only £150!  It feels like my birthday.  No, really.

    I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for sample sales in the future, although I’m not sure that this one will ever be topped.

    Here are but a few of my new acquisitions from today.  In the absence of sprog models, Posy kindly agreed to step in and show off some of the jumpers.  Hm – I wonder whether Tootsa Macginty have ever considered expanding their range to fit dogs..




    1. September 28, 2014 / 9:37 am

      Glad it was such a worthwhile trip – it’s like a dream come true for children’s clothing fans! I am a big advocate of oversized jumpers with sleeves rolled up : ) Can’t wait for the cute photos of two little toddlers in those red and yellow trousers.

      • September 28, 2014 / 4:29 pm

        Thanks! I still can’t quite get my head around having humans who will fit into ANY of this… it all looks so small!

      • September 29, 2014 / 8:05 pm

        They’re adorable, aren’t they! I seriously wish that they came in MY size.

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