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  • Two Months Old

    You are two months old.

    The past four weeks have graduated you to tiny humans.  You have wills and desires of your own and are able to communicate those to us.  You are drawn to light – windows, lamps, the fairylights on the Christmas tree – and will stare intently and wave your arms until we bring you forward for a closer look.

    This month has determined the colour of your eyes: hazel for Balthazar and blue for Lysander.  It has grown you such that we prefer to carry you in our arms one at a time, for you no longer fit neatly each along the length of our forearm.  It has separated you into two distinctive personalities, our sons rather than the twins.

    You are very likeable right now.  Everything that you do is new and fascinating, and you reward us for our interest in you with plenty of smiles and bird-like cooes.  You are able to engage with the world, pulling objects towards you and (eventually) fumbling them into your mouths.

    We love you very, very much and are so glad and grateful that 2014 brought you into our lives.  We hope that 2015 will be an excellent year for you.


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