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  • Weaning with Vital Baby

    My mother doesn’t like it when I write about her on the blog.  In fact, she didn’t speak to me for a week when I devoted half a sentence in one blog post to describing how difficult I found the constant family attention when trying to acclimatise to newborn twins (and I didn’t even mention her by name).

    So I probably shouldn’t tell you that when I was a child, she used to deliberately burn dinner so that nobody would ask her to cook.

    I won’t tell you that.  I wouldn’t want her to get cross with me.

    Anyway, she’s very good at lots of other things.  And she’s an excellent grandma to the twins.  She even cooks for them.

    Well, she did once.  The other day.  We were flabbergasted.  I’ve never been shocked into silence by a pasta bake before but this one, it silenced me for a whole five minutes or so.

    Naturally we had to taste it too, just to make sure.  It was quite tasty.  Lots of cheese – yum.  We do love cheese.  The twins are vegetarian and I’m always a little paranoid about ensuring that they get enough protein but they eat cheese, eggs and various legumes like they’re going out of fashion so I shouldn’t really worry.  As well as cheese it had alphabet pasta, a tin of tomatoes and some veg but not as much as we would normally incorporate into their main meal, so we’ve been serving it with roasted vegetables or a little salad on the side.

    The other day we packed up the last of the pasta bake and took it on a picnic.

    We’ve been working with Vital Baby as one of their ‘weaning warriors’ and they kindly supplied many of the products that have supported the twins’ weaning.  For our picnic we brought pita breads, broccoli and hummus, red and yellow peppers and sliced apple in their First Food Pots and the pasta bake in the feeding pot supplied with their Weaning Set.  We also brought our Baby’s First Tumbler and our Soft Tip Weaning Spoons, which have been such a hit that the twins are a little appalled whenever we try to feed them with an ordinary metal teaspoon.

    _DSC6294 _DSC6298 _DSC6312 _DSC6280 _DSC6319 _DSC6321 _DSC6308 _DSC6325 _DSC6361 _DSC6364 _DSC6370 _DSC6374 _DSC6379 _DSC6385 _DSC6393 _DSC6398 _DSC6400 _DSC6407 _DSC6415

    As you can see, our picnic was a great success.  The best thing about eating outside is that the twins are able to make as much of a mess as they would like and Josephine-dog is more than willing to vacuum up any leftover food.  In fact, meal times are the only times that she ever willingly gets this close to them!

    Do you enjoy picnics?  We’re making the most of the pleasant autumn weather whilst it lasts – in fact, I think we might eat out again today!



    1. Jodie
      September 20, 2015 / 1:39 pm

      They really look like they love their food. That equipment though is really bold.

    2. Carie
      September 20, 2015 / 7:52 pm

      oh we’re massive fans of eating outside, any weather, any excuse. And it’s not just because we have carpet under our dinner table I promise!! Food tastes nicer outdoors 🙂

    3. Sophie @ Gigi Brooks
      September 22, 2015 / 11:33 am

      Oh that close-up picture of Balthazar with the food (pepper?) in his mouth is so adorable. They look like they’re loving every minute!

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