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  • What the Twins Wore For: Bedtime (Panda and the Sparrow)

    With sunset inching ever-closer to the end of the working day we’ve been rearranging the twins’ routine to try to maximise my time with them.  Painful though it felt at first we have enforced an early bedtime in order to encourage a sunrise waking and quality time at the beginning of the day rather than the close.  Kirsty has been bathing and feeding them before I leave the office so that when they meet me at the station at six o’ clock they are already prepared for bed.

    It’s hard to spend so little time with them in the evenings when I’m used to an eight o’ clock bedtime, and harder still when they are dressed so sweetly in their pyjamas – more than once recently I’ve been tempted to wake them from their sleep for a quick cuddle!  The only thing that stops me is the knowledge that night-time snuggles with babies rarely work out so sweetly as you think that they will; they wriggle and squirm, wail because they’re overtired and inevitably somebody gets head-butted.  So instead I hang over the cots, watching the rise and fall of their chests and listening in silence to their soft baby noises as they dream.

    With the weather being so nice of recent I thought that I would give myself a little after-work treat and when the twins turned up at the station looking so cute in their Panda and the Sparrow pyjamas and matching hats, couldn’t resist pulling them out of their pram for a quick play with mama in the leaves.

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    Panda and the Sparrow are a fairly new brand whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Bubble London this year.  They have a range of adorable babywear made from bamboo and they sent the twins these stripey babygrows and matching hats to try out and review.

    According to their website, bamboo is the perfect material for clothing as it is thermo-regulating, antibacterial and naturally hypoallergenic.  It’s certainly soft; the texture of these pieces feels almost silky.  And not to worry, panda-lovers, the website assures me that these items are made from a type of bamboo that is not eaten by pandas so the twins haven’t deprived them of their lunch!

    We’ve been using these babygrows as nightwear because they’re super cosy but there’s no reason that they wouldn’t work during the day.  As you can see, the quality is excellent.

    Have you ever worn bamboo?  When buying clothes for your little one is the type of material a consideration for you?

    Most importantly: how cute do the twins look in these outfits?!



    1. Donna
      October 5, 2015 / 6:01 pm

      These are so cute, love the stripes! x

    2. Debs @ Super Busy Mum
      October 5, 2015 / 7:59 pm

      I honestly cannot cope. The cuteness is to much! x

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