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  • The Dog

    Meet Posy!  Josephine ‘Posy’ Boggins has been our very best girl ever since I spontaneously brought her home from my first volunteering trip overseas almost three years ago.

    As dogs should be, Josephine is an integral part of our family and so you’re bound to see her fuzzy snout all over the blog and getting up in our business.  And she often has exciting adventures or news of her own to report – such as recently, when she had the opportunity to model for Victoria Stilwell’s ‘Positively‘ products and webpage (thanks Little & Large!).  She’s always keen to experience new things and welcomes opportunities to review products or excursions.

    Posy loves early morning snuggles in our bed, buttered toast, evening wanders about London, hand-knitted jumpers, compliments from strangers, fresh watermelon and riding on the Underground.

    Posy hates forgetting that she has actually had her breakfast, when her mummies go to work, the hairdryer, when she rolls around trying to catch someone’s attention but they ignore her, and people who flat out refuse to share her toast.

    She is a keen aficionado of canine lifestyle blogging and always makes sure that her mummies keep up to date with what is current.  We’re avid readers of StyleTails – particularly relevant to us as editor Sara and pup George are also based in London – as well as Pretty Fluffy, Pawsh: Culture for Pets, House of Harvey and The Daily Dog Tag.


    1. December 24, 2014 / 11:03 am

      oh my goodness! she is GORGEOUS! such a beautiful colour, and those big fluffy paws are the cutest!!

      • December 25, 2014 / 7:58 pm

        Thank you! She is my absolute best friend. x

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