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  • ‘HAPPY’ Bodysuit from Mothercare

    Bright colours and positive slogans are two of my favourite things, so I was chuffed to pick up this chirpy bodysuit from Mothercare.

    Quirky bodysuits may seem like an unnecessary expense at this time of year, but we like to know that if we have to whip off their shirt for any reason, they have something cute on underneath.  I try to justify them also by vowing to have a summer baby next time who will make use of these lighter garments, but who knows what will happen!

    Balthazar woke up in a fabulous mood this morning, so obliged me by playing the model.  Both twins have started purposefully smiling very recently and it’s lovely to feel like they actually like us and enjoy interacting with us.  What sweet little boys they are!



      • December 28, 2014 / 2:09 pm

        If you’re mean then so am I – it’s my favourite too!

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