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  • 31 Weeks

    Is it Autumn?  Because it feels like Autumn.  And I’m not ready for that.

    You guys, we’re having babies this Autumn.  Tiny ‘Year of the Horse’ babies.  And now the leaves are orange and scuttling in the wind and I had to wear a jumper this evening, a JUMPER. And I think it may be Autumn.

    Today, I’m at 31+4 with the twins.  Mostly I feel fine – enormous and I have to plan my day around the closest bathroom, but fine.  Sleep is a little less comfortable.  Occasionally the boys experience a growth spurt and I find myself doing absurd things like waking up every hour in order to eat multiple breakfasts, but that’s not frequent enough to be a real issue.  And I think that I’ve cracked it by stuffing myself full of protein now anyway.

    So if nobody minds, I think I’ll have it still be Summer.  Or at the very least, I want an assurance that these ginormous babies will be content to stay put until 35 weeks at the earliest.  I’m not ready to be a mum to outside-of-womb babies yet!

    This was a bit of a spur of the moment photoshoot, totally inspired by the doughnuts that I had picked up at Sainsbury’s this morning.  The colours are so cute.  The one that I shared with the dog was rather delicious too, although I must admit to binning most of them – they’re just more sugary than I’m inclined to eat at the moment.  My own bodyweight in carbs, though?  Bring it on.

    Huge thanks as always to the lovely Kirsty for taking over my camera and doing a marvellous job.  It means the world to be able to properly document this experience.

    I don’t think that it can be Autumn yet.



    1. September 13, 2014 / 9:23 pm

      What beautiful photographs you have you remember this magical experience! Not long to go now, you must be so very excited x

      • September 14, 2014 / 11:49 am

        Thank you! We really are. Also, absolutely petrified. I’m better with dogs than babies!

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