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  • Knitting Project: Tealdrop Hat & Cardigan

    A Guest Post by my Partner, Kirsty

    I’ve really been enjoying working with Cascade 220 yarn lately.

    When I visited Loop last month, I picked up the gorgeous Knitting Gifts for Baby by Mel Clark and couldn’t wait to get started with it. I chose a pattern to match the gauge I was getting with the above Cascade 220 yarn, and here is what I made:

    Pattern: Shaggy Cardigan by Mel Clark

    Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Pacific

    Needles: 4.5mm & 5mm

    I opted to leave the tassels off of my cardigan because I loved the way it looked without. This is such a sweet pattern; I love the neckline and the roomy sleeves. I ended up knitting mine a little shorter than the pattern called for because I felt I didn’t need it to be as long. Knitting Gifts for Baby is full of gorgeous patterns, including but not limited to the Cable Cape, adorable Striped Pants (I seriously want to make these in every colour – how practical?), the handsome horseshoe pullover, and the Papoose that I’m determined both boys need, possibly in multiple colours. If you want to find out more about Mel Clark and her beautiful knitting, check out her site, Slip Slip Knit.

    I had quite a bit of yarn left over at the end, so I knitted up a little matching hat with a garter stitch brim.

    Cascade 220 is a soft, versatile yarn that comes in a huge range of colours. It’s affordable and currently my top choice for most things knitted; stay tuned to see what else I do with it over the coming weeks!


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