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  • Me and Mine in August 2016

    I have always rather enjoyed Me and Mine falling on the 30th of the month as it is the same day in the month on which the boys were born, meaning that they are always exactly x months old for our monthly update (when I get it live on time, anyway).  So I was rather pleased when the girls were born on the 30th as well to continue this theme.  August 30th marked the first month of the girls’ lives and the twenty-second month of the boys’ and our first month as mothers to a whole four children.

    So what did we do this month?  Well, we certainly slept less than we did the month previous.  We fell in love – quickly for Kirsty and slowly, at first, for me.  We took long walks in the sunshine and chased laughing little boys in the rain.  We saw a first smile – Olympia’s – and many new milestones for the boys: learning to climb out of their cots, to open the front door, to say so many new words that I cannot remember them all.  I went back to work and had a hard time at first, but a few weeks in it feels as though I never went away.

    _DSC2141 _DSC2168 _DSC2201

    These pictures are messy and a little chaotic and they probably don’t deserve pride of place over the mantelpiece, but they are real.  And don’t those little girls look as though they have always been part of the family?

    So how was your month?



    1. Elizabeth Cole
      September 10, 2016 / 1:02 pm

      What a lovely way of remembering birthdays and getting to keep track of their growth. Can’t believe how big the girls are getting!


    2. Deborah Butler {Super Busy Mum}
      September 20, 2016 / 11:16 am

      You guys are just the CUTEST! Honestly. The boys have got so big and the girls are growing fast too! I really need to take a leaf out of your book for these monthly photos! I’ve missed out on two months this year – Bad Debs! 😉 x

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