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  • Me & Mine in January

    And just like that, January is over and I shall be returning to work next week.

    It is almost shocking to me how quickly the time has flown, swallowed up in broken-sleep nights and days punctuated by the needs of two small people.  I’m surprised that my relationship with Kirsty hasn’t suffered.  Perhaps because we’ve had so many years to ourselves before the twins are born, we’ve had a chance for our roots to grow into the deeper soil where they don’t need so much nourishment.  We’ve had to put our couple needs on hold for a while, but that’s okay.

    Regarding my return to work, I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand, I am so going to miss this little family of mine during the day.  On the other hand, I’m quite excited for an opportunity to wear grown-up clothes and to drink the expensive coffee that we can’t afford at home and so I buy for the office, and to read my book on the train every morning.  And I know that Kirsty is quite looking forward to having the boys to herself every day as well.

    The boys themselves continue to be delightful, gregarious babies who greatly enjoy flirting with strangers from the safety of their mummies’ arms.  They had a horror of a time adjusting after their vaccinations – but were assured of their great fortune in being born in a country that offered routine vaccinations – but have finally perked back up.  They have learned to laugh, have a more developed interest in toys, and as of last week have grown into their 3-6 month wardrobe.

    We’ve had a few moments recently that have made us reflect upon how grateful and glad we are to have them, each other and the little dog in our lives.



    1. January 30, 2015 / 9:14 pm

      I love the sling you were your beautiful boys in, it looks so cosy. Such a lovely couple of photos of you all.

    2. January 31, 2015 / 10:19 am

      Wow what gorgeous little babies they are (and doggy too) I can’t wait to watch them grow over the next few months- Your photos will be so lovely to look back on, I wish I had started sooner xx

    3. January 31, 2015 / 10:51 am

      I love these pictures, I couldn’t wait to come and nosey. I knew that their sister would be in there too. I remember being ready to go back to work after Judah (but then got pregnant again, I have horrendous pregnancies and was unable to work), it’s nice to have that grown up time and come back to your precious family afterwards. Will be thinking of you all as you adjust and hope that life treats you well (not easy when a few curve balls are thrown your way) in 2015. Lovely what you described about the roots, it’s so true. Keep investing in you guys when you can. Love following this blog #meandmine

    4. January 31, 2015 / 1:39 pm

      Aww lovely photos. Good luck with the return to work. I remember it well; a mixture of missing them lots but enjoying the adult company and the time to be me again.

    5. January 31, 2015 / 2:36 pm

      Ahhh such gorgeous photos, love the one of them in the sling they both look so cosy x

    6. January 31, 2015 / 6:35 pm

      I love the fact that you include the dog! I would like to include my eldest, furry faced child, Kiri but she would never stay still long enough to take the photo!! I have SO many pics of her and me before the Twinkles arrived but none of us altogether! At almost 16 she’s pretty elderly and although she’s tolerant of the littlies, I fear being held down for a photo would finish her off!! Great pics this month! #meandmine

    7. January 31, 2015 / 8:13 pm

      I love your family photograph and those babies are beautiful! #meandmine

    8. January 31, 2015 / 9:15 pm

      They look so snuggly in the slings! Good luck with the return to work, I hope you find a new and special routine as a family

    9. January 31, 2015 / 10:23 pm

      Such a lovely post. Returning to work is so tricky to manage, but you will be fine… you need coffee though…lots of it!

      Your approach to that lack of couple time is very healthy. I struggled so much with that… being used to having time together as a couple and totally losing that was hard… Good news is 2 years on we are getting back to something normal… just in time to think about doing it all over again! xx

    10. January 31, 2015 / 10:45 pm

      Beautiful photo. I love that you included the dog too, I wish we had a pet. I love the sling you have too, shame I didn’t know about this when my two were babies.

    11. February 2, 2015 / 7:51 pm

      Oh you guys…. These photos are so gorgeous. And love that you get your furry kiddo in on the action too. I hope the return to work goes okay and that you all find your stride with your new normal quickly. Thanks for linking up with Me and Mine. x

    12. February 2, 2015 / 10:39 pm

      Oh what lovely photos of all of you – including the furry sister! And I’m wildly impressed at the double sling – I love my slings for my littler ones but I’ve only ever carried one of them at a time!!

    13. February 5, 2015 / 7:26 pm

      Great photos, I’m looking forward to see your family grow in 2015. I hope the return to work hasn’t been so bad and you are enjoying that coffee x

    14. February 20, 2015 / 3:43 pm

      I love the sling you have got, never seen one like that. I have twins and always wanted a way to carry mine around together. A lovely picture together, I hope going back to work goes ok.

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