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  • Off on our Holidays! Camber Sands

    There is a suitcase by the front door.  The dog seems to remember what happened last time there was a suitcase packed (we disappeared off for days and came home with a set of infants) and has taken to gazing at us with sorrowful eyes and sitting by the suitcase as though to say, take me with you…

    Oh Josephine, darling, of course you’re coming.  It wouldn’t be a holiday without you. 

    Our enthusiasm has been slightly dampened by the weather forecast for next week – rain EVERY DAY, argh – but nonetheless, we’re still super excited to be spending next week at Camber Sands.  I’ve been before but Kirsty hasn’t, and the babies haven’t been anywhere.

    Unless you count our night away at Broadstairs when they were in-utero, anyway.

    It’s one of those things that you daydream about when you’re expecting, isn’t it: baby’s first holiday, that first chubby fistful of golden sand and pudgy little baby toes dipped in the sea.  The first taste of ice cream, licked from a cone that is melting too fast in the sun.  I had hoped that our first trip would be back to the Greek island that my ‘second family’ are based on but as it wasn’t to be, this is looking like a pretty good substitute right now.

    I can’t wait to spend five days at the coast with my little family.

    Are you going away this year?  What are your summer plans?

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