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  • A Shoe Review with Cloggs

    I know that my toddlers are toddlers and not babies, I do, but nothing has made them seem quite so grown-up as when Cloggs got in contact and offered them – and me – a budget to choose some proper shoes to try out for size from their website. I’m never sure whether I’m a ‘shoe person’ or not – I love them but have qualms about leather, and 90% of shoes seem to reduce me to a bleeding, hobbling wreck anyway – but I will say that I lost hours, HOURS browsing the Cloggs website and trying to whittle down my longlist to a shortlist and finally to the following:


    Yes, those are Dr. Martens. And yes, they do seem to be in my size. Well – I’m doing all of the work, right?

    As for the teensy Kickers, I can barely stand how small and adorable they are. Their first set of ‘real’ shoes, in that they were chosen to last until outgrown rather than with the expectation that they will need to be replaced.


    There was some excitement when they arrived. “DERE! DERE!” It’s a good thing that I don’t mind never being allowed to open my own parcels.

    The excitement continued throughout the day. Is there anything more adorable than a toddler bringing his shoes over to be put on? The first ten times or so, anyway…

    _DSC6973 _DSC6977 _DSC7002 _DSC7009 _DSC7010 _DSC7083 _DSC7048

    We didn’t get far with getting dressed on that day because we needed to play with the shoes. Naturally.

    Over the last few weeks our new Kickers and Dr. Martens have been thoroughly road-tested. We have walked through grassy fields, the woods, to the shops and about London. Aside from a few grass stains on the pale pink Dr. Martens they’ve weathered our adventures really well and still look brand new, which absolutely hasn’t been our experience with cheaper brands.

    More importantly, they’re seriously comfortable. No rub marks, no blisters. No blood. They didn’t even need breaking in, which is new for us.  I’m always uncomfortable with the idea of splashing out so much money for kids’ shoes when it seems that they’re in them for all of five minutes, but I do think that they could wear something like these Kickers for the four or five months that my children seem to stay in a shoe size and have them still look new and shiny at the end.  They’ve held up really well to the wear and tear of toddlers.  And as for mine?  I’d definitely buy them again.

    You can see them in action in a few pictures of our adventures below.

    _DSC5776 _DSC5759 _DSC7420 _DSC6399


    Aren’t they gorgeous?  A big ‘thank you’ to Cloggs for the opportunity.  Have you seen the Cloggs website?  What would you buy?


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