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  • Boy Toddler Fashion Inspo on Insta

    My sons will be turning three in just a few short months and suddenly, the way that we’ve dressed them in the past has started to seem a little babyish. So, as any good instamama would, I turned to instagram for some boy fashion inspiration and what I discovered was simply too good not to share!


    Self-described as ‘city style in the countryside’ this Australian insta documents up to four boys at a time wearing an impressive mix of some of our favourite Scandi and non-Scandi brands. Handily for me, Fiona always tags the images with the retailers in question so it’s super easy to shop her insta. Goodbye, money…


    This is a new-to-me account featuring Hudson, Harper and Harley, an outrageously cool trio with enviable hairstyles and a wardrobe that brings tears to my eyes. As with @haus_of_boys, she tags all of her brands. I am especially fond of the series of photos featuring oversized animal masks!


    Let’s not all zoom over to Rebecca’s account, because I actually rather enjoy treating her insta like an online boutique and simply calling dibs on most of her son’s togs when he outgrows them – I’d hate to face competition! But I couldn’t not mention one of my main boy fashion inspirations; I simply adore Mini Viking’s playful clothing style, with always looks comfortable and fun.


    Oh, Henry. His style is basically how I wish that I had dressed my boys as younger toddlers – and truth be told, I’d absolutely still put them in Henry’s outfits now! The understated style and neutral tones really put the focus on the boy rather than the outfit – which works especially well with Henry as it draws the eye to his incredible hair! Swoon.


    Bold and oh, so bright, this account showcases the wardrobes of Basil, Thelonius and Finnian. I simply adore the colours, textures and patterns in this insta account, and mama Lexi’s fearlessness when it comes to putting together their outfits – be that twinning (tripletting?!) or combining clashy prints to really grab the attention! Her own sense of style isn’t bad either.


    Kaye and I have an almost identical taste in boy clothing, meaning that I not-infrequently stumble across her boys styled exactly the same as my boys (though we haven’t managed to dress them identically on the same day yet!).  She’s my go-to girl when it comes to swooning over brands and styles on insta and swapping ideas for dressing young boys.

    Who are you following on instagram these days?  Any recommendations for me?  And please don’t forget to check out my insta for billions of twins, fashion inspiration and daily life updates.


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