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  • Christmas at the Goblin House

    We live in a part of the world that, although very close to London, is full of trees.  Whilst walking the dog earlier this month, we turned left instead of right in the woods and a little way down the path, came across a tree that had been decorated for Christmas.  We were amazed, and knew right away that we would have to come back on Christmas day and take pictures.

    I do wonder who decorated that tree, and why; whether for themselves or for others.  Do they live somewhere small, where there is no room for an indoor tree and no garden?  Or did they just want to share the Christmas joy?  It was a kind gesture.  I would like for us to do something similar next year.

    It’s been a glorious day.  Our walk through the woods was lovely; so quiet in the absence of traffic noises, and with sunlight sparkling down from the branches.  It didn’t feel like winter at all – in fact, I didn’t even need a coat!  It was wonderful to snuggle the babies in open air without worrying that their tiny fingers would fall off!  Then back to my mother’s, where my sister had cooked a marvellous full roast dinner and Mother had laid out pink champagne.



    1. December 27, 2014 / 8:10 pm

      I know that the girls at Gingerlilly tea blog decorate a lonely tree – it looks like a great little find and beautiful photos as always

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