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  • What Mama Wore at Christmas

    We don’t have a big tradition of getting dressed up at Christmas – in fact, we more or less have a tradition of NOT getting dressed up for Christmas!  It’s dressing gowns and pyjamas all day, as far as the extended family goes, and Kirsty likes this custom so much that she has adopted it for herself and the boys as well!  Ordinarily I would embrace a chance not to bother with fripperies but – well – now that I’m at home full-time (until the beginning of February, anyway) there are plenty of opportunities to lounge around in my nightwear.

    So this year, I declared a new tradition – wear something that makes you feel like you.  It allowed Kirsty to wear her PJs until photo-time, when she pulled on a jumper.  As for me, having been planning my outfit since early autumn, I knew exactly what dress I would wear.

    I bought this dress when I was heavily pregnant and more or less prayed that by Christmas time, it would fit.  It’s by Yumi and I’m madly in love with the little foxes, but they have dresses of a similar style featuring deer and swans too.  I felt so pretty in this dress – like I was wearing a painting.  I’ll definitely be checking out more of their clothes for the future.



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    1. December 27, 2014 / 8:07 pm

      I love it! And I love finding an outfit that is just ‘me’, especially now I have 2 (nearly 3 ) children and I seem to dress mostly for practicality than to feel like the woman I was before I became a mama. I hope you had a lovely day x

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