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  • Me and Mine in April 2016

    On the first of April two years ago we announced to the world that we were expecting our first set of twins, our little boys. I was thinking about this earlier today, how it feels as though they have been a part of our lives forever and I can barely remember when there was an ‘us’ without a ‘them’, and yet so much has happened in just two years – new jobs, new homes, expansion from a family of me-and-her-and-dog to a family with four children (and still dog). I’m a bit surprised that we’re not reeling from it all, to be honest, but I think a lot of that is down to Kirsty, who has always been our stablising influence.

    On the 30th April the twins turned eighteen months old. We celebrated their half-birthday last year with balloons and a little picnic in the woods, and this year we celebrated with a beautiful walk through the bluebells and a house move!

    We are only fifteen minutes or so down the road from where we were but our new little house is a lot bigger than the wee flat that we had previously. Each set of twins will be able to have their own room to share, and the living room and kitchen are both quite spacious for London and get lots of lovely light. It has a garden, and this morning I sat out on the decking and sipped my tea and watched the boys play for hours whilst Kirsty put up our shelving units.

    It feels like home already, in a strange sort of way, and I’m so impressed that Kirsty chose this house for us all by herself – I hadn’t even seen it until the day that we moved in. Girl did good! I’m looking forward to throwing a little housewarming party, although it might be a case of BYOC (bring your own chair) as we don’t yet have much furniture!

    Mostly this month was absorbed by house-hunting and planning the move, although it still ended up being rather the mad rush in the end. Lysander saw his ophthalmologist earlier this month, who was extremely pleased with his progress and has recommended that we start to slowly wean him from the medication that has been shrinking his tumour. I remember when he was a tiny thing and the haemangioma was all that I could focus on when I looked at his sweet little face, and now you can’t even tell that it was there. Modern medicine is amazing.

    Last week I hit the third trimester of this pregnancy. It is going so quickly and I can’t quite believe that in a mere eleven weeks or so I could have my little girls in my arms, but at the same time I’m very ready for them to be here now. We still need to decorate their nursery so I suppose it is just as well that they have some growing to do yet!

    Our YouTube channel, Meet the Wildes, is doing quite well and it’s lovely to be able to look back on our little adventures. This month The Goblin Child made the finals in the MAD Blog Awards in the Best Pregnancy Blog category and has been shortlisted in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the Photography category so if you enjoy my pregnancy updates or photography, I would be so grateful if you would vote for the blog – it only takes a minute to do.

    Our pictures this month aren’t much.  They’re not beautiful.  We didn’t plan them or pose them.  They’re just us, continuing my Nan’s tradition of a chippy tea on our first night in our new home, with the interval timer set to go off randomly and the children popping in and out of the frame.

    _DSC6193 _DSC6201 _DSC6204



    1. Deborah
      May 2, 2016 / 12:33 pm

      Wishing a very special little family, every happiness in their new home.
      Chips always taste fantastic on the first evening of a house move, when you are both exhausted and exhilarated. A lovely family tradition to pass on to your children when they reach adulthood and set up their own ‘nests’ xxx

    2. LauraCYMFT
      May 2, 2016 / 1:48 pm

      Happy new home! I’m sure it will soon be amazing and filled with chairs and everything else you need. Gorgeous photos as always!

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