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  • Siblings in December

    The goblin boys have not enjoyed a glamorous start to the festive period.  Lysander is rocking a swollen eye (possible blocked mucus duct) and Balthazar came down with oral thrush and promptly shared it with his brother.  It has made photography a challenge.

    In spite of these stresses, we are having a marvellous month.  Our tiny humans have grown tremendously.  Suddenly they have become proper babies as opposed to sleeping blobs.  They have personalities; they love to babble at us and each other.  Both of the babies find their twin to be fascinating and are inclined to focus on their twin’s face for long periods of time.  Balthazar has recently started to cry when Lysander falls asleep and therefore stops engaging – adorable!

    Being a mum to two little ones of the same age is so much fun.



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