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  • The ‘Goblin Child’ Christmas Card

    This Christmas will be our first Christmas as parents, the first Christmas for our parents as grandparents and the first Christmas for our grandparents as great-grandparents.  It’s kind of a big deal for us and there has been a LOT of excitement on both sides of the family about how we’ll be celebrating with the twins this year.

    We wanted to take Christmas card photographs that would also serve as a birth announcement for people that we don’t see regularly – like the teachers at my former secondary school, who were very invested in my welfare at the time and will no doubt be interested to know that I’ve reproduced.  We wanted the photographs themselves to be bright and cheery but not quintessentially ‘Christmas’-y, we wanted to be able to frame them and keep them on the wall all year round.

    So with that in mind we chose a bold rainbow colour palette, based on this hat by Toby Tiger (worn by Balthazar in the following images).  We are massive Toby Tiger fans and actually have the matching bodysuit, dungarees and blanket as well as the hat!  Incidentally, Lysander’s elephant hat is by Toby Tiger too.  The boys wore bodysuits from Marks & Spencer and, as it was chilly out, cardigans from John Lewis.  Kirsty’s cardigan is also from Marks & Spencer and her dress is from Goose Island; I chose to wear one of my favourite Joules dresses as I’m wild about their clothes.  Posy’s little yellow jacket is from Love My Dog and I realised the other day that she has more ‘dry clean only’ items of clothing in her wardrobe than I do in mine..!

    I am so happy with these images; the light was absolutely perfect and I feel that the colours really worked.  I would have preferred that the babies were awake for the family shots but we did get a couple of individual snaps where their eyes were open, so I suppose that will have to suffice.  We’re definitely going to make a tradition of taking a photograph for the Christmas card every year.

    Now we just need to get off of our bottoms and get these cards made and sent before Christmas!  Where’s a helpful elf when you need one?!




    1. December 14, 2014 / 9:53 pm

      What fantastic photos! Love all of your outfits-very fashionable. I love Joules too. Lovely 🙂

      • December 16, 2014 / 9:30 pm

        Thank you! I was a bit worried that we had gone TOO colourful… but looking at these images, I don’t regret it one bit.

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