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  • Special Moments with Cadbury

    As a working mother, I have written before about the importance of making time to create – and recognise – special moments with my children.  We have a little toddler bucket list and make a point of finding things to tick off of it regularly; it helps me to feel like I’m maximising my limited time with my little ones, rather than just counting down the hours to bedtime whilst they tear apart my house!  We’ve had some really special moments recently – shared bathtimes, games of chase, just sitting in our new garden watching them play – that have really made a difference to my morale.

    Even though I’m not the parent who is at home with them all of the time they have, since they were quite small, had little games and jokes that they share with me.  We have quite a different relationship to the one that they have with Kirsty, who is home with them all of the time, but it is certainly not a bad one.  In fact, I think that I appreciate them more because on a Monday morning I get to take the train in to London and talk to grown-ups about things that have nothing to do with children, bury my face in strong, hot coffee (when I’m not pregnant anyway) and just be me for a while – albeit the version of me that wears office attire and cares, really cares, about what shade of grey dividers we use in our presentation books.

    I’m working with Channel Mum at the moment and they are working with Cadbury on an advertising campaign for chocolate buttons.  The twins are a bit small to participate, which is a tremendous shame because we do love chocolate in this house, but some of my favourite vloggers have been making videos about sharing those precious moments for Cadbury and it’s been so lovely to watch them.  There’s something about getting to know other working mothers that makes me feel a bit less alone, as in my own workplace I’m the only working mum (we do have some fab working dads though!).  Natasha Baile, one of my favourite vloggers, caught some gorgeous moments in her video and dealt some pretty sound advice as well: It doesn’t matter.  To enjoy the moment.  To eat dinner under the table.  Watching her video made me want to hug my kids and you can watch it too:


    Do take a look and follow #tastelikethisfeels on twitter.  You can win some fab prizes such as one of 5 digital cameras and a box of Cadbury Chocolate Buttons.

    At the moment we’re at this strange point in our lives where I’m frantically trying to collect special moments for the boys before their sisters arrive and disrupt our lives as we are now.  I know that ultimately it will be so good for the boys to have siblings, that the girls will enhance and enrich their little lives so much, that they will love their sisters (eventually) and be glad that we had them (eventually), but at the same time I think that we might have a difficult period with four under two before we get to the pleasurable bit.  I want to ‘bank’ the memories now so that we all have these happy associations with each other to see us through.

    Here are a few of our own special moments of recent, captured on camera.

    _DSC6107 _DSC7150 _DSC7374 _DSC8253

    Disclaimer: We have been paid by Channel Mum/Cadbury to share this vlog but I do actually, genuinely love it – Natasha is always worth watching!


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