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    As a photographer, I’d say that I spend considerably more time than the average person thinking about windows.  Natural light is important to me.  So when my other half chose our new home and committed us to it before I had so much as looked at it, I was admittedly a little nervous.  She claims that she can’t tell the difference between good light and bad light, which sounds like a convenient excuse for half-assed photography to me, but thankfully our lovely little home is positioned in such a way as that the living room window provides a generous pool of light in the morning and quite stark diffused light in the late afternoon/evening, both of which lend themselves well to photography if one is clever about it.


    Like this silhouette of the boys watching for buses.  They remind me a little of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan with all of the staring in and out of window frames that they like to do.  It’s not unusual for me to come home from work these days and find them still up, sitting silently on the windowsill and watching the world go by.  My funny little pair!  This was taken quite late in the day when it was still light outside but the sun was no longer positioned so as to pour light directly through the glass.


    On the other hand, this is a morning picture.  The light is coming down onto their faces, whilst the wall beneath the window creates the shadow and gives the image some definition.  It’s a good spot for photography.

    We’re lucky to live in a reasonably quiet suburb in London, as far as outside traffic goes, but I often feel a little sorry for our neighbours when our four are all screaming simultaneously – particularly in the evenings when they are probably trying to put their own little ones to bed.  I often wish that we had soundproofed walls and windows so that we could experience our own little sound explosion without inconveniencing anybody else.  It’s a wonder really that these companies don’t market themselves to parents: ‘Trying to conceive?  Pick up some handy ovulation predictors and these soundproof windows from Newview.’  Or, indeed, to their neighbours.  I wonder whether mine wouldn’t pay for the glass in my windows to be replaced in order to experience less of our daily domestic routine.

    My London-based readership might be interested to learn about Nearview Soundproof Windows and their noise-reducing windows.  Based near Heathrow, they have already established themselves in the market as leading contractors protecting local residents from airplane-based disturbance.

    I bet that my kids are noisier than an airplane.  I should probably buy these windows.

    *Sponsored post.


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